We provide a seamless continuum of care, a network of wraparound services to bridge the gap, provide access and eliminate barriers to healthy, independent living.

Bridges Community Support Services

Our Commitment

equal access to care for all


Transitional Psychiatric Discharge

Beginning prior to discharge and continuing beyond inpatient care, we provide the family environment and continuity of care necessary to prevent readmission. 

Clinical Assessments

Assessments are scheduled 24 hours after discharge and are performed by our psychiatrist to ensure that the patient's medication needs are being met and that drug-therapy problems are prevented.

Medication Management

Under the supervision of our psychiatrist, weekly follow-ups with our mental health nurse practitioner help the client understand the course of treatment and ensure medications are taken properly for optimal therapeutic outcomes.

Targeted Case Management

We provide individualized treatment plans including coordinating, linking and monitoring as well as developing a relationship built on integrity and trust.

Individual & Family Counseling 

Mastered level and licensed counselors provide confidential counseling for martial issues, family discord, substance abuse, domestic violence, grief, loss, trauma, anxiety, depression and life

Trauma Support Group

Traumatic events come in many forms and can have lasting effects. Support groups offer a way to connect with others having similar challenges, get resources for recovery and gain reassurance about the healing process.

Peer Support

Peer support links people of similar life experiences to create emotional, social and practical assistance to manage a healthy lifestyle.
Peer support is frequent, ongoing, accessible, flexible and takes many forms—phone calls, text messaging or group meetings.

Substance Abuse, Relapse & Suicide Prevention

Led by our CASS/CAC, this group addresses the connections between suicide, addiction and depression. By setting recovery goals and using strategies to combat depressive symptoms, clients take back control of their lives and identify thought patterns that lead to self-harm and suicide. 

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Hands-on experiences to practice social, coping and independent living skills including medication management, health and wellness, budgeting, bill paying, grocery shopping and other real life skills. Sessions are designed to foster self-esteem,
empowerment, resilience   and stress management. 

Support & Advocacy

We communicate on behalf of our clients with doctors and social services to ensure that our clients are understood, their point of view is known and they have access to all applicable benefits and services.  

Housing Assistance

Our housing assistance program helps secure housing for Medicaid recipients age 21 and older who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and who have a serious mental health illness or substance abuse disorder.

Mobile Crisis Unit

Clients enrolled in our housing assistance program and experiencing a behavioral health crisis have access to our mobile crisis management team available 24/7/365. This intensive, on-site intervention reduces the chance of hospitalization or incarceration.

Youth Early Intervention Program

We partner with Orange County Supportive Services Breakthrough Program to offer early intervention to high-risk youth with a serious mental health diagnosis in order to decrease hospitalization, self-harm or suicide.

Clients work with case managers and peer support to learn social, independent living, coping and pre-vocational skills as well as
health and wellness.

 We offer real life experiences in the community as well as scheduled time in our computer lab to work on homework, GED classes, job searches, resumes and college applications.


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