Answering the Need

Ranking 3rd nationally in unmet mental health needs, Florida is 49th in per capita mental health spending and 35th in per capita substance abuse spending, contributing to making the state 3rd in homelessness.

The 2018 Point-in-Time Count found 2,053 homeless individuals on a single night in the Orlando area of Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties.

We provide medical, psychological, sociological services in order to build a bridge to healthy, independent living, reducing homelessness in Central Florida.

We're changing lives.

Client Journeys

Since 2014, we've helped over 300 people achieve healthy, independent living.

 Here are a couple of their stories.
To protect the privacy of our clients, all defining information has been removed .

Jane was referred to us with a stern warning that the next level of care she would receive would be at the state hospital.

Jane had been in and out of the hospital since high school and practiced regular self-harm. Bridges soon learned that her living situation was horrific with the group home-owner taking advantage of the residents, including Jane.

After getting her suitable housing and advocating with the hospital for care outside of institutionalization, Bridges began the rigorous consistent work of psychosocial rehabilitation.

Jane continues to have fluctuations with her mental health. She has a severe health condition but has gained skills to learn her triggers.

Jane has become a more assertive, capable woman expressing herself creatively in her own style. She shares stories of overcoming trials with peers and provides a deep impactful influence for growth in others.

Her struggle with mental health is not over, but she is equipped with the skills to get through her crisis.

John's father was burned out and at his wits end, John had been Baker Acted and incarcerated many times—being institutionalized had become routine.

Complicating his situation, he had a serious neurological condition that caused seizures. John was angry and expressed his anger to nearly everyone he encountered.

But underlying his anger was fear.

He was trapped in a situation that he couldn't control and felt there was no way out. John was a sensitive kid who craved normalcy and wanted to meet the same milestones as the rest of his peers.

Bridges partnered with his HMO and family to provide the support he needed. It was a long journey but, since visiting Bridges, John has not been hospitalized for mental or physical concerns.

We connected him to a seizure specialist, and he attends psychosocial rehabilitation groups regularly. John has developed many healthy friendships through the program and his peers look up to him as a positive example.

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